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Green Building


Green homes provide homeownders with a comfortable, durable, environmentally-friendly product that is cost-effective to own and operate. Our resource-efficient homes are designed and built to exceed building codes and provide homeowners with years of healthy, quality living, while helping to protect the environment.


Construction Materials, Methods, & Design

• Polystyrene exterior wall sheathing for added 5.5 R-Value and air infiltration barrier

• TYVEK brand or comparable house wrap (weather/air/moisture-infiltration barrier)

• Total wall R-Value of approx. R-19 (exterior sheathing, R-13 fiberglass insulation, & vapor barrier)

• Use of certified sustainable wood and engineered structural framing materials such as:

• Oriented strand board (OSB) plywood sub-floor and roof sheathing

• Laminated structural beams

• Engineered I-joist floor joists

• Materials stored and protected from weather prior to use/installation

• 30-year or 40-year roofing material (shingles)

• Resin-based and recycled-content flooring options

• Recycled and reused materials

• Stacked floor plan options and standard dimension design for material use efficiency

• Soffit/ridge vent attic ventilation system

• Range / microwave, clothes dryer, water heater, furnace, and bathroom exhaust vented to outdoors


Windows and Doors

• Pella window and patio doors featuring "Insulshield" glass (Low-E with Argon gas UV ray and heat transfer protection).

• Sealed doors, windows, vent pipes and other penetrations against air and moisture leaks

HVAC / Plumbing / Mechanical

• 13 SEER A/C

• 93% efficiency furnace

• Centralized HVAC and water heater for reduced-size distribution system

• Return air ducts • Passive radon reduction system

Home Exterior

• Grading and gutter system to distribute water away from the home

• Optional Features


Construction Materials, Methods, & Design

• 2 x 6 wall construction to allow for extra insulation

• 1" or 2" foundation insulation to frost line or footing

• Blown cellulose or 2 lb. polyfoam insulation in walls

• Insulated garage walls, ceilings, and overhead doors

• Envelope-home design

• South-facing roof overhangs designed and placed to allow for passive solar heating and cooling

• Power roof vent system

Windows and Doors

• Windows and patio doors with triple pane glass

HVAC / Plumbing / Mechanical

• 14, 16 or 19 SEER A/C

• 95% efficiency 2-stage furnace

• Programmable thermostats and zoned electronic dampering

• Geothermal HVAC installation

• Whole house attic fan

• Water-saving plumbing fixture options

• Direct-vent gas fireplaces

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