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Let's Get Started

Contact us to set up a free, no obligation design consultation with a member of our design staff. Our process includes an initial meeting, budgeting, construction documents, and product selection.

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Initial Meeting

We discuss your wants, needs and budget to see how to build the home you want for the price you can afford. We assemble the criteria for floor plans, specifications and features to design your home.

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This process is intended to help you prioritize and incorporate the features that fit into your budget.  We draw up a detailed pricing worksheet based on your wish list and features of your unique home. 

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Construction Documents

With the basic plan, features and options selected, we develop the documents to complete the planning for your new home such as full scale, detailed plans, specifications and construction agreement.

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Product Selection

This is a complete overview of the selections to be made to customize your home. From door knob style to siding color, cabinet design and flooring. Don’t stress, we make this process as easy as possible by laying out realistic deadlines and enlisting trusted suppliers.

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