A Refreshingly Different Home Construction Experience 

There is real value in exceptional construction quality and Hazelwod Homes has met the challenges of changing designs, priorities, technologies and building methods. We sleep well at night knowing that our customers are resting easy in an affordable home that was built with pride and concern for their well being.

Setting Standards High 

The more you learn about us, the more likely we will be building your next home. In comparison to what other homebuilders offer, there are numerous advantages to the standard construction procedures at Hazelwood Homes. By incorporating our outstanding construction methods into your home from the custom design process to finish, our focus on delivering exceptional quality will allow you to enjoy your home for many years.


Tried and True Construction Process

From the first ground-breaking to the handing over of the keys to your new dream, our homes are built with relentless attention to detail and to meet the highest structural integrity standards. Our tried and true processes of partnership and checks and balances ensure that even though all of the homes we build are truly unique, all are built to last and with the customers’ best interest in mind.

Energy Efficiency

Hazelwood Homes’ custom homes are built with the utmost energy efficient standards in mind. We utilize high efficiency heating and air conditioning equipment, more insulation, tighter ducts, energy-efficient windows, and our homes are more tightly sealed against heat transfer from hot walls, drafts, noise, dust, and pollen. With the use of Owens Corning Styrofoam sheathing and fiberglass insulation, in conjunction with Dupont TYVEK Housewrap, our homes far exceed minimum standards for insulation and moisture barrier.

Click here for more information regarding our energy-efficient Green Buildings.

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